E&A Strategic Land (EASL) specialises in identifying and investing in viable land development opportunities. Projects may be either brownfield or greenfield sites and will invariably require promotion through Local Plans.

EASL has the track record, resources, skills and commitment to deliver an appropriate promotion strategy for each opportunity. Being privately owned and financed we are not under pressure to deliver year end results that can create short-term compromises.

EASL supports landowners through the complex planning, consultation and viability process. We invest in each project financially and deploy our legal, planning, project and financial expertise.

We aim to work with the local community and local authorities to create great places and facilities for growing communities.

EASL adopt a transparent approach in our dealings and maintain positive and regular dialogue with landowners, local communities and local authorities.

Should you have an opportunity that you think may be of interest to E&A Strategic Land, please do contact us for a discussion in confidence.

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