EASL has the track record, resources, skills and commitment to deliver an appropriate promotion strategy for each opportunity.  

As strategic land promoters, we play an important role in tackling the housing crisis by increasing the supply of new homes across the UK. 

We work with commercial and rural landowners to maximise the value of their land by taking them through the complicated, expensive planning system, consultation and viability process – ultimately providing developers with land that is ready to be built on.  

We take responsibility for promoting the land at our risk to secure permission for alternative uses like housing. One planning permission is granted, we manage the onward sale of the land to developers.  

We are passionate about creating legacy. The work we do plays an important role in our landowners’ heritage. As a privately owned and financed business, we are not under pressure to deliver year-end results that can create short-term compromises and make sure that what is delivered is ultimately what is right for the local area. 

We work with residents and local authorities to create great places which include the facilities needed by both new and existing communities. 

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