Vange, Essex

Vange is identified in the emerging Basildon Local Plan for approximately 650 homes and has good access to local amenities, schools, Basildon Hospital and the Town Centre.

Like many new towns, Basildon has enjoyed both positive and negative headlines over the years, with much of the latter coming from people that have never cared to visit.  Basildon, in the 21st century, is a town – and borough – led by an ambitious administration and skilled senior officer group, with a focus on transforming the town centre, maximising the borough’s excellent road and rail connections to London and the South East, and its key position at the heart of the Thames Estuary National Priority Growth Region. London Road, Vange, exemplifies these characteristics.

Located within easy access to Basildon Hospital, the A13 – with proximity to extensive employment opportunities within the borough as well as the nearby ports of London Gateway and Port Tilbury – nearby school and established community, the site is an ideal opportunity to provide a residential extension to the urban area of Basildon.  Basildon needs a range of housing types and tenures, and London Road Vange is well suited to delivering small to medium-sized family housing, together with a policy-compliant mix of affordable homes.